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David Whitney explains:
"Lueur is french for Glow. After all, aren't all leading fashion magazines from France in spirit?"
"In 2018
I discovered Skeye at an outdoor festival in a small town in Iowa. Shortly after that I bought a full-frame camera. My agency, Midwest Model Agency, suddenly took a leap.
"Could it be that all you need are great models, and great equipment? Perhaps, but an eye for the composition is just as important. You can take photos all day long and not get a decent photo. If it's not in your eye. "
"Skeye taught me all I needed to know about photography. I got over that hump. You don't get someone with such raw beauty and lines like her often. I knew I'd struck gold. It changed my life."
"Skeye has retired from modeling very young. I used to think how sad it is that other photographers didn't get to work with her. But not really. I could care less about them. I got to work with the best. Now I can do anything."
David is the photographer and agent for Midwest Model Agency, Lueur Fashion and is the critic for The Fashion Magazine Critic video webseries.